My Journey:

With a 3-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son, my mornings were chaotic! My daughter needed an outfit for nursery, and my son needed a uniform for school; let's remember that I needed to make a 9 am meeting (preferably in a clean shirt). On one particular morning, my daughter "needed" a pair of bumblebee tights which I located in the bottom of the laundry basket; time-pressured, there was nothing I could do but spray them with febreeze and hope no one would notice! My son needed his "lost" tie that I found in the toy bin after a frantic and stressful 10-minute search of madness that resulted in "shouty mummy" before the start of the day; I knew that I NEEDED, that I COULD do better!

A Problem we all share:

Mornings are time-pressured; we have a limited amount of time to get everyone out of bed, provide a healthy breakfast and ensure our child/ren are presentably dressed for the day ahead.

Whether your child attends nursery or primary school, are required to wear school uniform or play clothes, your children will need items for the day ahead.

Your Journey:

Our 28-day program offers step-by-step support with enough freedom and choice so the child can feel in control from choosing an outfit, engaging with the character valet chair and having FUN whilst learning essential organisational and independence skills. The program is also flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of each child.

The Monte Method:

  • Helps to promote communication between parent and child
  • Uses positive parenting of storytelling and reward to encourage learning
  • Engages the child to be part of the process
  • Provides a fun teaching aid in the form of a character valet chair
  • It uses a 28-day program to provide parents with a framework to get the desired behaviour

    The Monte method encourages positive behavioural change. We experienced this, and so can YOU.