The challenge we all face as parents

It can be hard to get children dressed in the morning, especially for time pressured parents that can often lead to unwanted stress and frustration.

My son used to hate getting dressed and would try to run away from me every morning. I had no time for this nonsense!

We created a 28 day program using storytelling and rewards to enhance communication between parent and child to promote behavioural change. Monte aligns with the world renowned

Montessori principles of learning through guided coupled with an award winning teaching aid to encourage independent dressing in nursery and primary aged children.

Our 28 day program offers step-by-step support with enough freedom and choice so that the child can feel in control. From choosing an outfit, engaging with the character valet chair and having FUN whilst learning key organisational and independence skills.

The program is also flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of each individual child