Our Story

Children are a great source of inspiration in our daily lives; however, they could also challenge parents and caregivers as they strive for independence early on.

Monte evolved in a household of working parents and two nursery and primary-aged children over several years. As a result, the "morning routine" could be incredibly challenging, getting everyone ready to leave the house on time. 

At least one of us, usually me, was typically reduced to a range of frustration as we tried to ensure everyone was clean, dressed (mildly presentably!), matching socks, matching shoes, and teeth. Hair brushed ( 3 days ago is sometimes ok 🥰 ), and that's before you remember that you have a 10 am meeting that requires a suit! unless you are superhuman, you will have experienced this many times. 

So, what could make our mornings better, more organised, and more fun?

I was inspired by my type A personality to be organised and retrieve my clothing for the following day and the reality that children cannot reach a standard height wardrobe and most definitely would not choose the "right outfit" even if they could. So I started laying out the children's clothing for the following day in their rooms on any surface I could find, the floor, ottoman, desk, stool, radiator etc. As I read bedtime stories, my mind would scan the room, looking for a designated place where these items would "belong". Hence, night after night, my mind crafted a fun, and interactive dressing zone which evolved into quite simply a valet chair with a 3-tier hanging system and the scale and dimension of children's hangers, adding in features for hanging trousers, skirts, shorts, dresses and undergarments all encompassed in beautifully sustainable bamboo.

Monte was, as a result of this, created and became integral in our organisation for the day ahead, enabling the children (under parents' supervision) to choose their clothes and, as they got older, set out their school uniform, PE kit or other required attire the evening before when the time was available.

In our house, prototypes of the Monte were used from age four, and we made it a game the night when there was no time pressure. Not only did they enjoy this game, but I also noticed that when Monte was ready the night before, they were more motivated and able to get dressed independently. They wanted to do it for themselves. So one day, they started preparing Monte (or personalise with your name), and they still do it to this day, and as a bonus, they also use Monte to undress. My son places the items to wear the next day, such as blazer, tie, and shoes, on Monte every day after school (and I have reminded him that they do not live on the kitchen floor 😍). We promise more significant interaction, not miracles 😂😂😂.

Children strive and thrive on daily routines. Our 28-day program offers step-by-step support with enough freedom and choice so that the child can feel in control, from choosing an outfit, engaging with the character valet chair and having FUN whilst learning essential organisational and independence skills. The program is also flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of each child.

Monte was previously marketed and sold as ManiMe.

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