The 28 Day Mega Bundle
The 28 Day Mega Bundle
The 28 Day Mega Bundle
The 28 Day Mega Bundle

The 28 Day Mega Bundle

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Monte uses the power of storytelling and reward to promote positive behavioural change.

Let your child lead the PLAY



CONGRATULATIONS, YOU have made an actionable decision to invest in YOU and YOUR child. 

For ENHANCED engagement, the 28-Day MEGA BUNDLE offers the signature 28-day programme, the character value chair, and the Mirror, creating a "Monte Zone" in any area of your home. It's the ultimate pairing of style and functionality. 

The 28-day signature programme is broken down into a four-week guide as follows;
✔ Key objectives for EACH week, including three actionable steps

     The weekly Outline includes the following;

     Week 1 - Getting my child ready in the morning is challenging

     Week 2 - They started listening through play and fun

     Week 3 - They got ready in the morning for the first time

     Week 4 - The bedtime story and the morning routine form a habit

✔ Outline of the adult role for EACH week

✔ Summary of the child benefits for EACH week

✔ Tips and Tools to help you navigate the period of change 


✔ Character Valet Chair 


✔ Shatterprrof Aluminium Mirror - Enhancing the Monte Dressing Zone


The Monte Method helps to promote communication between parent and child by using the power of storytelling and rewards to outline the desired behaviour of both the parent and child and REWARD REWARD REWARD to promote organisational and independent dressing in nursery and primary-aged children. 

✔ The Monte Method 28-day challenge 

✔ Access to a private, members-only Facebook group

✔ Empowering YOU and your CHILD to implement healthy habits that can last a lifetime 

✔ Climate-wise certified
According to the European journal of social psychology ( Published 2009), it takes between 18 and 254 days to form a new habit. As parents, we know that each child is an individual that learns at their own pace, so if week 2 takes three weeks, then so be it; keep going until you and your child are ready to move to the following week.

Humans are creatures of habit, and YOU can empower your child with a healthy habit that can last a lifetime.